Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day Two

Today's progress of Olive, my first IDOG foster dog & the sweetest foster dog ever. Please consider adopting this baby.

1. She burps after she eats {such a doodle trait!}.
2. The vacuum does not bother her.
3. She is learning to not shy away from me & we are working on the "come" command.

4. She is entering her kennel with much more cooperation.
6. She continues to be my shadow. Lays at my feet & loves wearing the Thundershirt & lavender calming collar.

7. She does not like the squeaky noises that dog toys make.
8. She did beautifully in her crate ALL NIGHT LONG.
9. She is drinking more water today & eating great.
10. Her stools are solid.

11. Her ears are bothering her but I was able to clean them & medicate them.
12. She enjoyed laying on the floor with me. Loves to always be "touching" a part of me.

13. Belly rubs & under the chin scratches are her favorite.

14. When my doorbell rings, both my dogs bark like crazy. This "peaks" her curiosity but she does not bark or shy away at all the noise.
15. Thunder & rain do not bother her.

16. I have not tried to walk her on a leash...yet.
17. She will not chew bones or play...yet.
18. She seems sad.
19. Here she is interacting with Max. Not much going on, she's tired & her ears are bothering her.

Sorry for the random flow of thoughts, again. This will probably be the format I update with...
I will continue to post daily pictures, information & video of this sweet girl named Olive. My prayers are that you will help me to find her a forever home.


If you are interested in adopting Olive, please email Jo-Anne Cousins, or fill out an adoption application at IDOG.


  1. HI Christy!
    Olive is a beauty. How wonderful to have you until she finds a 'Forever' Home.

    1. Thank you Melody!!! She is in my prayers nightly ;)

  2. OMG She is soooo cute...I hope she finds a wonderful Home soon. :) ~Kim

    1. Thanks sweet friend :) I need to order some wine glasses from you for xmas presents.

  3. I would love to have Doddle would love her....but we have 2 already just don't think I could handle another...I will put the word out. I may no someone....

    1. Yes! Put the word out. Have them contact IDOG. She is such a great dog. I can wait for the "right" family....