Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day One

Let me start from T minus Day One.

I get a text message from Jo-Anne Cousins who is the Executive Director of IDOG Rescue Labradoodle & Goldendoodle Rescue.

She informs me of a Doodle dog that has been dropped off at a Houston, TX shelter. She tells me that this dog belonged to someone in an apartment who could no longer care for the dog. She believes that the dog is around 2 years old & spayed. Would I be interested in fostering? My problem was logistics. I could not go get the dog. So, in steps Samantha Zimmer, who picks up the dog, drives out of her way & delivers the dog to Danita Moonflower Wind Song. Danita keeps her overnight & we meet up in a busy parking lot the next day to transfer Sweet Olive to my care.

Now I give you day ONE.

  • 1. She is "doodleish" with some terrier mixed in if I had to guess. Think "Sandy" from Little Orphan Anne.

    2. She does not shed. 3. She rides in the car like a pro. 4. She loves 9 year old boys (she is wet in this picture).

    5. She loves cats.

    6. She loves other dogs including 1 dominant Labrador male, 1 very grumpy female Beagle & 1 jealous female Goldendoodle. I believe that she relaxed a bit around the other dogs.
    7. She is hesitant. Cautious. Quiet.

    8. She is a shadow. Never. Leaves. My. Side. 9. She appears to be potty trained and can hold her bladder for extended times. 10. She will eat but is not food motivated. 11. She will not follow commands but will allow me to nudge her chin up & place her bottom on the ground for training the sit command. 12. I sat on the floor tonight and she came up to me, sat in my lap & allowed me to scratch her back, belly & face. 13. She gives kisses & has a set of very pretty pearly white teeth.

    14. The inside of her ears need cleaning but it will wait for tomorrow. 15. She HAD fleas & some evidence of hair loss from scratching. 16. She appears to be well fed. 17. She does not like to be alone. Whimpers in her crate but I will have her crate trained before she goes to her forever home.

    18. She smiles. 19. She did not like her bath at first. But after I started massaging her, she calmed down & allowed me to wash her.

    20. I have not seen her excited or playful...yet. 21. She is around 40 pounds (no more than 40 pounds). 22. If I would allow her on the furniture, she would be on the couch with me. 23. As I type this, she is lying at my feet. I can already tell that she is loyal & very eager to please.

    Sorry for the random flow of thoughts. It was just easier for me this way....
    I will continue to post daily pictures, information & video of this sweet girl named Olive. My prayers are that you will help me to find her a forever home.


    If you are interested in Adopting Olive, please email Jo-Anne Cousins, or fill out an adoption application at IDOG.