Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day Four : Do as I say, Not as I Do

I am probably the worst doggie foster parent in the world.  You see, when you agree to foster, you are given this very handy document of instructions. 


1. If the dog is coming from a shelter, you should keep in mind that he may be contagious, so it is wise to place the crate in a position where your own dogs cannot stick there noses in – perhaps another room, at least until you have had a chance to get the dog cleared by a vet. (If your own dogs are fully vaccinated and healthy, there is very little risk, but do not take unnecessary chances. 

2. DO NOT allow the dog to move around without a leash or long line for at least the first couple of days.   

...and so on and so on. It's an excellent guide ;) 

Things that must NOT occur during decompression
  • Meeting people outside the foster family 
  • Meeting other dogs or other animals 
  • Taking the dog to unknown environments (Petsmart, Parks etc)
  • Taking the dog for walks outside the established safe environment of your back yard
  • Activities that require extensive handling of the dog, like grooming 
  • Unnecessary trips in the car
  • Long period of time petting and touching the dog 
  • Demanding obedience commands such as “Sit”, “Stay,” “Down,” 
  • Being allowed to wander in the yard unleashed or unattended 
  • Being allowed to wander within the house from room to room 

I think I have broken every rule.

1. I should have never "introduced" the world to Olive until after she had a vet visit & clear health.
2. I should not have introduced her to my animals & the neighbor's dog.
3. I should have never started obedience commands like sit & come.
4. I allow her to wander the backyard with minimal supervision (my backdoor is open).
5. I allow her to wander the house (when I am home & with her).

I could go on and on.

My point. She has done BEAUTIFULLY in spite of all my short comings. She is adapting, she is learning to trust & she is slowly relaxing.


Today's progress of Olive, my first IDOG foster dog & the sweetest foster dog ever. Please consider adopting this baby.

1. A clean bill of health from the vet!!!! Negative heart worm, fecal, ear mites etc. (but she does have 2 ear infections that I am treating).
2. This is happening. Yes, her new family can blame me.

3. Still no potty accidents.
4. Walks on a leash.
5. Loves the car.
6. When I am home, she is my shadow. When I am away from the home, she is in her crate. I also crate her at night.
7. She did not eat dinner tonight :(
8. She still is not playing or chewing bones.

I will continue to post daily pictures, information & video of this sweet girl named Olive. My prayers are that you will help me to find her a forever home.

Be sure to read Day One & Day Two.

If you are interested in adopting Olive, please email Jo-Anne Cousins, rescue@idogrescue.com or fill out an adoption application at IDOG.


  1. What a sweet girl - I love your sharing - we are doodle owners, so we know how sweet they are!

  2. Breaks my heart. She is safe now & everyday gets easier. Thank you for your sweet words & thoughts. Doodle Prayers tonight!!

  3. What a little sweetie! You are wonderful for being such a loving foster mom!

  4. Emailed! I hope to hear that she loves to play! I have a doodle who dearly wants a friend. We have looked into adopting or fostering recently plus we are in Texas :)

  5. Christy, I am so glad Olive found a new home! I read through all of your posts and I feel in love! You are SUCH a great foster mom! Thank you for inspiring me at Create With Joy!

  6. Hi , does Olive still need to find her forever home?? I am currently looking for a young lab / golden doodle. (I live in Minnesota)